• music is my life , its just soo important the lyrics n stuff really mean somthing and have often helpt me when i was down !!!! i like rockmusic but also really like pop r&b en hip-hop

something stupid

  • heya just making this new site its kinda hard lol but if u can help me plz do my email is electra.15@hotmail.com mail me!!! well as u can see on da site i love black roses dont ask me y though i just do , and no i dont grow em but a friend of mine does ,im verry misterious i wont tell u my name (kathy aint it lol) but u can call me kathy , my asl people do know but only people that i know so get to know me better and maybe ill tell u hehe im half-gothic-chick as u might of noticed but i also do have a soft spot wich i keep a secret too but here and there u can find clues so keep watchin kiss bubi

lekker he

  • gewoon
  • on this picture theres a secret language that u and ur friends can use to dend notes to eachother have fun :-) !!!